Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So how did I do with my 08 Goals

And the answer is............ not that well

1, End the year with less than 30 WIPs (I'm starting with 41! Let me know if you want a list) I knew when I did a 6 month review that this wasn't going to happen and I have in fact increased them :(
2, Reduce my stash in some way (kits, charts or fabric, most likely to be fabric) even though I'm getting off the Wagon I would say that I broke even with fabric and increased the other by a small amount
3, Finish a large TW No, life got in the way of this one
4, Start and hopefully finish Tessellations Well I started it but then hit a brick wall when I made a major ooppps and haven't gone back to it yet
5, Get some ornaments done I did but they were all done in the last couple of months rather than spread out over the year like I hoped
6, At least match the number of SOLAK squares I did in 07 (which was 16) I failed this one completely and only did 5
7, Finish more than I start or at least have them even by the end of the year Again a complete failure
8, Not get sucked into any more challenges (SAL are OK) Yay I did one
9, Get off the wagon and stay off This one was a bit of a cheat really because I knew I'd keep it and would be able to say I at least reached one goal for the year

I've not done the adding up and double checking yet so I have no idea about my total hours for the year yet, that's a job for the morning when my brain is awake and more with it (and I don't have a rare glass of booze handy) but I will be putting the first few stitches in on my Jan 1st start at 12.01 while we watch the fireworks

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