Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A few stitching thoughts

The last few days I've been pondering my Jan 1st start and had a couple of things in mind, this morning when I went to pull them out of the drawer it suddenly struck me that although I want a Jan 1st start and will be doing Guilt Free January I don't really want any more huge WIP's right now. I think I must be ill!!! What I really think it is that I'm fed up with the number of WIPs I've got (46 unless I manage another finish) and quite alot of them are big projects so the thought of adding another one has no appeal right now.
So instead I've gone through my binders and pulled out several smaller designs that I would like to start in Jan, some are fully kitted up and others I have no clue what I'll use for them but it will come mostly from stash and I'll get Mel's opinion when she get's home later but I have a sneeky feeling I already know what the answer will be.

I do know that on Friday I will be starting Midnight Stitching's A Quaker Row as a SAL with Pat (no blog, posts as Lancashire Lassie on the BB's) and that will be my Let's Stitch SAT project until finished

I sat down this morning to get the card put together, got it all cut out and folded in the right places and then hit a brick wall. I need a glue stick and despite being a crafter and having loads of ways of sticking things together that is the one thing I don't have, how daft is that?
I'm pretty sure Mel has one so I'll ask her when she get's in and if she hasn't then it'll have to wait until Friday when I go to town and can buy one.

For the last 5 years or so I've stuck to a rotation and on occassion this has had me a little frustrated that I don't have room to just pick something up and start it if I felt like it and having to a slot marked for things like exchanges or ornaments go unused for months at a time. So while it has worked really well for me I've decided that 2009 will be the year of sod it, stitch what I want , when I want while still keeping a few of my WIP's listed to be worked on at some point during a month and keeping track of my stitching time. With any luck this will let me get alot of the small kits I have in my stash done (reaching one goal over the year) while still reducing the number of WIP's I have (reaching my main goal)

Now would someone go poke the person at the back that nodded off halfway through reading this please :)


Shebafudge said...

Uh....what?.......did someone say something......yawn yawn.

Sorry Lindsay, only kidding!

It sounds like you have worked out a great stitching plan for 2009. I have done a plan with a few things I want to do and that's it.

Good luck with it all and Happy New Year to you and Mel!

mesdupmoi said...

*pokes the person at the back* MEL - WAKE UP! Lol.

I remember when you started the rotation, lol. I just stitch what I want when I want all the time, Lol.

AND - I just watched Twilight :p


Daffycat said...

I'd loan you my glue stick but...it might take a few days.

I was just telling Rachael (Brokenfairy) how I don't make goals, I'm too whimsical. I tried to do rotation, no go either...Does that mean I'm scatterbrained???

Kristin said...

Its about stitching...why would we nod off? Good luck making progress with your WIPs.

Jo said...

Nope, still awake. How is the project going? I'm like Sharon - what I want when I want. But I do try and keep my WIPs down to 5 or 6, to keep things moderately sane...