Friday, December 19, 2008

Finishes I can share :)

I finished this about 1/2 hour ago, yay. Tomorrow morning I'll get it made up then I can drop it off with my Hairdresser. Every year she does a raffle for something/someone local and all the prizes are donated by her customers, this year I decieded that I would do an ornament for her.
Jingle Sparkle Joy
Freebie from Midsummer Night Designs

Last night was WI craft night and we made a Magic Wallet, this is one of the rare times I've actually finished the project! It's really quiet simple to make, the hardest part is getting the tension on the ribbon inside


Daffycat said...

Oh, wow! That Magic Wallet is really cool!

Anonymous said...

Lovely ornament Lindsay, as are the ones you sent and received recently!

Thank you for the Christmas card :)

Claire said...

I really like that ornament, Lindsay.

And I'd love to know how to make that wallet, can you send a link?

mesdupmoi said...

Can you let me know how to make a magic wallet too please?

And those ornaments are all lovely.