Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Those of you that know me well know I have some health issues but that I very rarely say anything about them on here or anywhere else. Today is one of those rare events and it's more of a grumble about the pain I'm suffering now and the fact I had a bad time of it than anything else.

Back in Oct I went to see my Neurologist for a routine check up and he decided that I needed a Lumber Punture to check the fluid pressure in my head. Today was that day (second time lucky, first one was cancelled because the lady who does them had the flu).

I arrived in plenty of time and didn't have to wait for ever more and a day like you normally do in the hospital and once the paperwork was done I get taken off the side room and that's where the 'fun' started.

If you've had one you'll know that you need to lie on your side with your chin on your chest and your knees drawn up as much as poss to open the spaces in the spine, the last time I had one done I was 2 stone heavier than I am now so it should in theory be easier
The first lot of local didn't work well enough and I could feel everything still so another dose went in and I could still feel things but not so much, queue shot #3.
After the first few tries I'm sat up on the bed with my feet on a stool, still no joy so a bed table is brought in for me to lean on and after a couple of attempts there's success. So I now have to lie down on my side with the needle in my back (not the easiest of things) so she can do what she needs to do.
My notes said that if my pressure was below 20 I didn't have to restart taking my meds again and believe it or not it was dead on 20 (trust me to be the akward one) so a quick call to my Neurologist later I've got to go back again 3 months and drop to 2 tablets a day.
For once after having a LP my head isn't throbing but my back is agony and I can't move without letting out a gasp at the pain of it :(
It had to happen at some point that I had a bad time of it having one of these done, the other one's have been a breeze and I'll give the woman her due she was fantastic with me and keep apologising for hitting the nerves when trying to get the needle in in the first place.

Back to your not so regular rabbitting on about stitching :)


Kristin said...

So sorry you had to go through a lumbar puncture. They can be miserable. Feel better.

Daffycat said...

Oh, honey, what a terrible day. That sounds like so much fun...not. I hope you feel better quickly. ***soft hugs***

Sheila said...

Oh Lindsay - you are far braver than I would be. Glad it is over before Christmas. Hope the pain eases quickly. Hugs

KarenV said...

{{{{Lindsay}}}} That sounds awful, hope you're feeling better soon.

Karoline said...

{{{{Lindsay}}}} I hope you feel better soon

Redwitch said...

Ouch I very much hope any pain has improved by now. Here's hoping that 2009 is better healthwise for you!

mesdupmoi said...

Sounds like fun - not!
Have a good xmas though! x