Monday, February 23, 2009

Living with Charm update

WOW a post 3 days running that's a rare event for me :)

I finished Learn, did all of Believe and most of Care along with a chunk of border (last update pic is here) this time around so I'm stil on track to get it finished in April.

I've been to darts practice today, the match is next Tuesday night so we were a little more organised with out practice today than normal and out of the 5 proper games we played (instead of just throwing the darts at the board and adding the score up) my team won 3-2 with me winning 2 of those :). We have a laugh and lunch and a bit of a freindly competition each week as to who can score the highest this week it was me with a score of 104 so a couple of the others have claimed that they want to be on the same team as me on the night, lol


Anonymous said...

Lovely progress
Not played darts in years,we do have a dart board somewhere around here

Kristin said...

It is lovely Lindsay!

mesdupmoi said...

Nice progress!

And well done on being the winning team AND getting the highest score!

Good luck in the match! x

Daffycat said...

Wow, you are a fantastic stitching and a crack hand at darts too? My kinda friend!

Best of luck at the match!

Lauralness said...

Great progress! Congrats on darts! I'm pretty sure if I did darts someone would get hurt ala Shaun of the Dead.