Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quaker Row Happy Dance

I put the last stitch in a little while ago but really should of cropped the pic before I posted it!

Quaker Row
Midnight Stitching
Cream Murano
DMC 4240 & 327

I decided while working on it last night that I really didn't want a finish Friday 13 so left X Y and Z until today. I'm sorry the pics not too good, it's a bit dull here this afternoon and I couldn't get a decent pic no matter how much I tried.
If you want to see how Pat's turned out go look here


mesdupmoi said...

*Happy Dance-Happy Dance*

It's dull EVERYWHERE, Mum!

Did you see Steve's finishes on my blog? x

Daffycat said...

Wonderful finish, Lindsay! LOL, I didn't know you were supersticious!

Kristin said...

It looks fabulous Lindsay!

Lauralness said...

I forget to tell you..

I absolutely love your finish! Congratulations!