Sunday, April 20, 2008

Braids and Tassels

Yesterday was Spinning guild and The Mulberry Dyer came along to do a workshop on braids and tassels.
The braid part of the workshop was for me boring as we made a basic braid which is something I already know how to do but we needed the braid to attach the tassel on to so off we went.
First up was the braid and once the practice one had been done you were free to play around in the fibres they had with them to make your proper one

My practice braid & tassel

I chose to have a nosey through the fibres Mum had taken with her and came up with a card of Rainbow Gallery Bravo and a skein of #5 pearl to do my proper one, because these fibres were thinner than the practice ones I needed a weight so I borrowed Mum's scissors with the plan of cutting it off once we got home but it turned out so well that I decided to leave it attached.

The finished braid & tassel

Although it doesn't show up with the pic being dark the Bravo is there and looks like it's running vertically through the braid while the purple #5 spirls round it
All in all it wasn't to bad a day but I really must remember to put some knitting when going to guild so I don't have to do the workshops if they bore me of if I finish quicker than everyone else (which happens quite often!)


Daffycat said...

Your tassels are great; I really like the purple one!

Anonymous said...
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