Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to hang a pair of curtains

It's been a beautiful spring day here today so I decided to take down a pair of curtains for a wash and it happened to be the same pair that I wrote about on my old blog and it's still one of my favourite posts ever so I thought I'd repeat here.

1, Have a window in the hall that's needed them for months, you have the hooks and the pole is up you just need the rings
2, Go to Argos for said rings
3, Get chair to stand on, place under window and stand on it
4, Get off chair and go and get a screwdriver
5, Take curtains out of the drawer, put the hooks in, add the rings and place over back of chair
6, Stand on chair, pull pole out and put first curtain on then put second one on
7, Put screw back in, get off chair and look up at curtains
8, Wonder why they aren't hanging right so look at the back of them and discover that you missed 2 rings out on first curtain
9, Get back on chair, undo screw, take second curtain off then take first curtain off back to first missing ring(somehow in this process you break a nail)
10, Put the missing rings on the pole and and repeat 7
11, Repeat 8 but wonder why there's a ring on the floor
12, Find there's now a ring fallen off first curtain, so repeat 9 without breaking nail
13, Put them back on pole, do up screw, fall off chair and hurt arse and spend 5 minutes cursing
14, Discover there's another ring on the floor only this time it's off the second curtain
15, Undo screw, pull out pole and somehow hit yourself on the head with the pole as both curtains slide off.
16, Go and have a brew and text friend to say hanging curtains should be outlawed!
17, Finish brew, go back and put curtains on the pole while the pole is on the bed (should of done that in the first place you stupid woman)
18. Get back on chair, put the pole in, do the screw up and then go and tell everyone how not to hang curtains


Daffycat said...

LOL! You are so funny! Thanks for the laugh...

Jo said...


I'll bear all that in mind if I ever get round to hanging the curtains in our bedroom (there's a blind, so it's not as bad as it sounds). Don't have a curtain pole yet though, hence stages 1-2 will be more tricky. Will enlist help of more sensible being for that bit :)

Did the clean curtains go up better than when they were new?

Lindsay said...

Much easier cause I learnt the hard way how to do it right

mesdupmoi said...

HAHA LOL Mum. I finally got around to checking your blog :) and I looked for the cutains post because you mention it so much!