Saturday, April 26, 2008

Textile Treasures of Cheshire WI's part 2

So for today I'll start with the white table cloth that you can see on top of my WI's treasure.
It's from Barnston WI and was made in 1979, it's a cotton cloth with cotton crochet edging and applied motifs *

Close up of the edging
Next up is a book cover from Hadlow Green WI, embroidered with stranded cotton on linen *

And lastly for today a firescreen that normal sits in the meeting room of CFWI Headquartes in Chester, Linen with wool embroidery *

*Info taken from Textile Treasures of the WI published by the National Needlewotk Archive
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Jo said...

They are all lovely - I especially like the bird on the book cover. The crewel firescreen is lovely too (I keep thinking I should have a go at crewel, but I suspect life is too short to add another craft!!)