Monday, April 28, 2008

Yummy or Yuck?

I've got nothing more interesting to blog about right now and it's time to do something other than Textile Treasures :)
Last night for the first time in 4-5 years I made a fruit cake, it all came about thanks to my Mum. We were at a Cheshire Committe (I can never spell that right!) meeting and one of entries requires one so Mum opened her mouth and said that I make a nice one.
But I can't for the life of me find my normal recipe so I spent hours yesterday looking one for that was similar to the one I'm used to and this was the result.

It's a bit burnt around the edge but in my defense as I said I've not made one for years and I never use to have a fan oven to cook it in either

At the last meeting the subject of scones came up and everyone looked at me! I've never in my life made them before so this afternoon I've had a go ready for tonight's meeting

Fresh from the oven

I completely forgot to brush the top with milk so they are a little dark, hopefully I won't poison the poor souls that are the guinea pigs later tonight with them!
They look nice and smell really good but I'll have to wait and see how they taste until later I don't want to spoil my tea by having one now.
If I remember I'll come back and edit this post to let you if they survived or not

I remembered :)
Well everyone's was still alive and well when we left the meeting, my cake can't of been that bad because a couple of them were happy to take a chunk home with them
Mum and Ex have both had a chunk as well and there's some in the kitchen for me, poor thing didn't live to be a day old

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Jo said...

We had home made scones at work yesterday - must be something in the air!!!

Baking in a fan oven is tricky - I'm still getting the hang of mine. On the plus side my cakes seem to bake more evenly now, but I've had trouble with them catching round the edges too. The last few I baked I took 10 degress off the temperature, and that *seemed* to work. They all look yummy though