Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Textile Treasures of Cheshire WI's part 1

In 2004 a project was started by the National Needlework Archive (NNA) and the National Federation of Women's Institutes (NFWI) to record the Needlework in the approx. 6800 WI's in 70 county federations across the UK. *
In March 2007 (I think!) items were selected to go on tour around the country at various stitching shows, those items went back to the County Federations at the end of March this yearand Cheshire headqaurters have had the ones from Cheshire on display this month.
Today I went to see them and as the tablecoth made in 1953 by my Institute was one of those items that went on tour I'll start with that.

As you walked in the door

Close up of the name and date

Just one of the birds

And one of the Dragonfly's

I could of filled the camera card up with pics of this alone but I picked out just a couple of things and didn't take any of the flowers which I should of done but I can always do that once it's back home.
I do have more of some of the other items but decided to spread them out over a couple of days otherwise it'd be very picture heavy
Oh and the white tablecloth on top is not our's but it's gorgeous and I have better pics :)
*Info taken from Textile Treasures of the WI, published by the NNA

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Jo said...

amazing tablecloth. Looking forward to more pics