Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More pics

I was right when I said a few days ago that DD would go into labour in the early hours of the morning
She rang me a little before 5am and I was out the door within 15 mins!

Fast asleep
Heather & Caleb Auntie Mel & Caleb
And a rare event, me posing for a pic with Auntie Mel and Caleb
There are a few more pics in my Webshots album and I'll get the one's off Mum's camera tomorrow


Daffycat said...

Caleb is a darling, oh, my all that hair! Enjoy these precious days.

Jo said...

Congratulations to you (and Heather of course). I still think you are way too young to be a granny.... Caleb is just gorgeous

Lindsay said...

I agree with you completely Jo!
The midwife was telling us that I'm not the youngest Grandmother she's come across, that goes to a 32 year old who had her DD at 16 and then her DD did the same