Sunday, April 27, 2008

Textile Treasures Part 3

Today's offering is a wallhanging containing squares from the approx 200 WI's in Cheshire.
I couldn't fit it all in one go so you have to hang on a minute for the other section :)

Most of the Banner
Section one

Section 2

Section 3, the missing bit from the first pic

And of course Hartford's block

In the next instalmet is the quilt you can see a corner of


Jo said...

Beautiful wall hanging - was there a theme? My guess would be images to do with the towns/villages, but I may be wrong.

Who stitched the Hartford block - was it a group effort, or the work of one lucky lady?

Lindsay said...

I'd say your guess is right about the theme Jo and as for who stitched our block I have no idea, it was done before I joined the WI but if I remember I'll ask