Monday, June 16, 2008

Bits and pieces

First of all ,please keep your fingers crossed that my Garden chair does well in the Cheshire Show, judging will be taking place as I write. I've been this morning and helped set up my Insitute's entries in the co-operatvie produce and craft classes and put eveyone else's individual entires in including my chair

My foot is doing much better, I'm alot more mobile than I was although it's still swollen and I don't as yet have full movement in my big toe so hopefully tomorrow it'll be pretty much back to normal. But because of the 2 days enforced resting it Cookie Dragon is almost done so I'm going to ignore TW Monday this week to get it done

The sold sign has now gone up on the house so I've started to look for a new home although there's still no rush for me to leave, this afternoon my Dad is taking me to look at one in Sandiway and it sounds really good, great rent, 3 beds, new kitchen & bathroom and off road parking but it's a good 6/7 miles from Mum's and my gut is telling me it's not right. I'm also going to look at one a few minutes walk down the road that's 2 beds but has parking at the back (I really don't want to have the same performance I have here for parking), I feel more positive about that one but it's slightly out of the budget so I'll have to see


kvstitching said...

Good luck with the house hunting Lindsay!

Daffycat said...

Fingers are crossed; I can't wait to hear the results!

Best of luck house hunting!