Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cheshire Show

I was shattered last night and didn't have the brain power to do this, 3 hours of clearing tables in the refreshment tent and then 6 hours of walking round the showground had me worn out and aching everywhere!

This year my WI entered the Co-operative classes for craft and produce and while we didn't win a place both entries did score full marks for sections of judging.
First up is the craft one, the theme was Nature's colours and we went for a Lili pond. Ros got full marks for her porcelain fish (named Spot by yours truely), the wallhanging was made by Alison and Mavis made the felt waterlily

Next we have the produce entry, Tea on the Terrace, we scored full marks for both staging and interpretation (that's what those little green cards are for). I made the fruit cake and Scones and Mavis made the jam. The comments on the card made me laugh, there's too much fruit in the fruit cake and my scones are very colourful. How you can have too much fruit in a fruit cake is beyond me and makes me laugh everytime I think about it
And lastly my chair, I scored 17 out of 20 for it and didn't even get a Highly Commended for it, yes I'm a little disappointed but I stitched it for me and I love it so it really doesn't matter.
The comment on the card reads... A most unusual idea beautifully carried out - try to improve box making for a better fit


Daffycat said...

Well done at the show! Poo on those not giving you better on the chair!

mesdupmoi said...

Wow well done you Mum - you'd get a recommendation from me anyday!

Good point about the fruit cake though - how can there be too much fruit ?!?!



Jo said...

yup, the fruit cake comment is bizarre. It's made me chuckle at least.

Poo about your chair - it's lovely. I bet the winning piece was something quite boring....