Friday, June 06, 2008

Day trip to Stratford

Yesterday I went to Stratford upon Avon with the WI, once we'd arrived and made out way into the town Mum and I went on the hunt for somewhere to have a brew. We got to the top of one street and on the opposite corner was this house, looking at the map it's in front of the Police station and Magistrate court.
We wandered around following the map with a route in mind to take us to Shakespeare's Birthplace, I've got no idea who the guy stood outside waving is!
We sat on a bench opposite it to eat our lunch and behind was a Christmas shop so all we could hear was Christmas Carols, it's very odd to sit looking at something several hundred years old on a sunnyish afternoon in June and have Carols playing
After lunch we went into the house, pics inside are not allowed so you'll have to make do with a couple of the back of the house from the Garden

That was the only place we got to see, the other one we aimed for had moved to London at least 12 months ago but it's still on the tourist map, Grrrrr
Because it's only a couple of hours down the motorway to get there we're hoping to go back later in the summer for the day so we can do the bus tour


Daffycat said...

Thank for those pictures! Brings back very fond and happy memories.

My favorite thing to do in Stratford is see a play at the RSC. I think they are still refurbishing it and are currently running in another theatre.

mesdupmoi said...

Awww no fair! I've wanted to see Shakespeare's birthplace for YEARS!!

Jo said...

looks like you had great fun. I've not been to Stratford in years. Your chair looks amazing - well done for getting it together so beautifully.