Saturday, June 14, 2008

Off to the Prom and Ouch!

So last night Mel had her Prom at a very posh hotel not far from here, her dress was made for her by a family friend who happens to be a fantastic seamstress and has made many a wedding dress over the years as well as Heather's prom dress.
Mel's very much a jeans and t-shirt girl so to get her in a dress is a rare event

And a even rarer event is for her to wear make up, in fact it's the first time ever for her and all she keep saying was that she was turning into a girl, LOL, even though she did say this morning she was a little disappointed that she had to take the false nails off to on the camp
She had a fantastic night and was rather pleased that the Limo she was supossed to have gone in before a few problems arose with one of the other girls got stuck on the ramp so they all had to get out and walk up the steps into the hotel and then had to do the same when they left as the Limo driver refused to go up the ramp.

And now for the ouch.
This morning after having taken Mel off to her field craft camp I came home and started to move everything off the kitchen floor so I could give it a really good clean that's long overdue, one of these things is my Kenwood mixer. I took the cover off it to make it easier to lift and as I picked it up it slipped out of my hands and landed on top of my right foot, to say the air turned blue is a understatement! After hobbling into the living room while trying my best not to be sick from the shock I ring my Mum and tell her that I've discovered that it hurt's if you drop a mixer on your foot, after a few seconds silence while it register's what I've just said her first words where put a wet towel round it we're on our way. They whisk me off up to the imfirmary and after a very painful half hour of waiting with a baby screaming and a toddler making way too much noise behind me I hobble in to get it checked. Turns out that I've not broken it for which I'm extremely thankful (I've mamanged to hit 36 without a broken bone and don't want to start now). I've got to keep a close eye on the cut and the circulation in my foot with being diabetic as well as keep it up as much as poss with ice on it and painkillers, so that's what I've done since 2pm. My kitchen and living are in a complete mess as everything is where I'd left it ready to do the floor, I still can't move my toes fully and when I do try to move them it's really hard to get them to do anything, my foot throb's from being up after a while so I put it down for a while and then it goes numb and swells up again and I'm getting really fed up of not moving about much, the plus side is that I've made good progress on Cookie Dragon :)


Daffycat said...

Oh, Lindsay, Mel looks so beautiful! I'm glad she had a good time at the prom.

And OUCH! I'm glad your foot isn't broken; is the mixer? You take it easy and keep your eye on it.

Yay, more time for stitching!

Jo said...

That sounds painful - I hope it heals quickly. But more stitching time is always good :)

Mel looks lovely - and your friend the dress maker is clearly very talented too.

Lindsay said...

Lol Sharon, Mel said the same thing when I spoke to her this afternoon and the mixer appears to be perfectly OK but I've not tried it yet

mesdupmoi said...

I was just going to ask if the mixer was OK lol! I'm glad you're foot is better and it was good to see you today :)

Mel sure did look lovely in her dress - you should have gotten a close up of the makeup though lol.