Saturday, June 21, 2008

Holmfirth, home of Last of the Summer Wine

We went to the Knitting & Crochet Guild today with the Spinning Guild for our annual day out and after admiring just a tiny portion of the 10,000 items they have in their collection, a history of how they got started over a coffee, parting with some ££ (I bought a book about knitting socks, what a surprise) and an excellent lunch at a Garden centre we went into Holmfirth because Mel has never been. After a little wander round the town we headed for Nora Batty's house and unlike the time we visited when I was a kid you can now stand on the steps, in fact you can even stay in the house and the couple that are there now let us have a quick look inside and pose for pics

Fans of the programme will know that Compo lived under Nora and that has now been turned into an exhibition, you have to pay in The Wrinkled Stocking Tea Room (love the name) and someone comes and unlocks the door for you. One of the first things you see when you walk in is Compo's clothes hanging over the fire place

There's various bits from different shows including a few of Seymor's daft inventions then you go up some steps into a room that tells you bits of the show's history and has loads of pics of the cast and crew from it's long life. You can sit in these cast chairs to watch a programme that shows you some of the behind the scenes work and out takes

The one thing that spolit the day besides the woman that owns The Wrinkled Stocking being rather rude to us when I said that according to the opening times on the door we should be able to have a brew was the weather, it rained all day but Mel got to see for real some of the places she's only ever seen on TV as well as a Black Swan for the first time


Jo said...

love your Nora Batty photo... Holmfirth is a little odd - it seems to have lost it's own identity to Last of the Summer Wine, but it's such a pretty village. I can't believe you had trouble getting a cuppa

Jo said...

PS - great new colour scheme :)