Monday, June 02, 2008

May progress & June goals

For May I said

Make progress on Birth Sampler Done
Stick to UFO SAL Done
No new starts other than my Birthday one and an exchange I'm signed up for Done
As much progress as poss on the Garden chair Done, only had the seat cushion, seat base and parasol left to do and that was part done

For June I'd like to
Finish the Garden Chair (bit pointless putting this really, the stitching is done and I start putting it together in the morning)
Finish my UFO from the SAL
Finish Cookie Dragon
Finish another WIP besides those listed above
Only start something new if I can finish it before the end of the month ie SOLAK square

Time wise I stitched for 132hrs 55mins last month! I'm sure alot of that time comes from being ill early in the month and feeling extremely sick whenever I moved so I didn't get off the sofa unless I really had to. I had 2 starts (Fantasy Exchange project and Bigger Stash for my Birthday) and just one finish (Fantasy Exchange project).

As I said above the stitching part of Garden chair is done now and tomorrow I'll start putting it together, the card is already cut and I've stuck the batting on ready so first job tomorrow is to cut the pieces out of the fabric and iron them (after I've taken a pic)

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